The HELP Personal Response System will allow you to maintain your independence while having the peace of mind that you are one push of a button away from assistance.

  • Use the Help button as often as you like – not just for emergencies
  • No sign-up fee, no contracts, no cancellation penalties
  • Professional 24/7 monitoring center with friendly staff
  • Allow Help to contact emergency personnel, plus as many personal responders as you like
  • Use Help to remind you of medications or doctor appointments
  • Allow Help to call daily for a complimentary “well-check”

Safe and Secure Medical Products for Seniors

Let’s face it; when our parents or grandparents grow old, we worry about them. This is especially true if they live by themselves. Seniors are at a high risk for falls, and the longer they have to wait for help to arrive, the worse the outcome. However, we have medical alert products for seniors, as well as personal alarm systems for seniors. In fact, our personal emergency response systems, emergency call devices for seniors and emergency response devices for the elderly are among our top-selling services. These will help you and your loved one rest easy at night knowing they are protected.

Don’t Count on Yourself

Unfortunately, many seniors don’t realize how much they are at risk for medical emergencies, such as falls. You may think they will be fine if they have a cell phone. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the majority of falls happen in the shower. Unless you have a waterproof phone you keep in the shower, you will most likely be unable to use it in case of emergency. Even if you are not in the shower, you could fall and drop the phone, leaving it out of reach. You may be in a distressed state of mind and not be able to find it. This is why emergency medical alarm systems, such as an elderly person emergency alarm, are essential for your elderly loved one.

Protection for Seniors

Of course, we hope your loved one will never have a fall or medical emergency, but inevitably, it should be something every senior should prepare for. Unfortunately, many seniors don’t see the need for an emergency medical alert response system until after it’s too late. This is why it’s imperative to take a proactive approach for your loved one’s well being.

HELP Personal Response System

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