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There is no equipment to purchase as you work as a sales agent of Help Services. We will be responsible for filling all orders, the maintenance of the equipment and dealing with any customer support issues. We’ll pay a one-time flat rate fee for each successful sale. This option provides immediate positive cash flow and is an outstanding way to quickly take advantage of this growing market.

Market Overview:

The PERS Market brings in over $1 Billion in annual revenue, has 2 million active clients, and is estimated to be only 5% penetrated.

10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 each day, a trend that will continue through 2030.

PERS Systems are marketed to 2 segments: The product End Users (age 75+), and their Primary Caregivers (ages 35-65). The advancement of new technology within the Medical Alert Space is attracting a younger, more active client, but few are quick to accommodate this need.

The PERS Market is expected to grow at 10%+ annually over the next 5 years, while continued technological innovation and awareness allows for scale.

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