June 19th, 2018

Medical alarm systems for the elderly help to provide peace-of-mind for elderly or home-bound loved ones. Are you looking for local medical alert systems and services? HELP Personal Response system will permit you to maintain your independence, knowing that you are only one push of the button from obtaining assistance. Whether your needs have changed suddenly or over time, we can help in meeting any challenges which your life presents.

The HELP unit provides a range of services, based on its state-of-the-art technology. You can access a package of options and services which competitors can’t match. The remote programming function means that the technicians are able to take care of most services, including troubleshooting and programming with no need for a service call. This protects your schedule and your privacy.

Local Medical Alert Systems

Contact with our personnel is possible in several ways. By depressing the pendant after ring number two of an incoming call, the HELP unit becomes a hands-free, two-way speakerphone. One of our professional and trained staff personnel will be scheduled to check on the well-being of our clients on a regular basis, or in the event that reminders are not acknowledged. If you need reminders to take your medications, up to six alerts per day can be programmed into the unit. Our concierge service performs duties such as looking up show times, updating family members and contacting the pharmacy.

To ensure that the unit performs correctly, a self-test is completed every 24 hours. The pendants are tested to the unit every fourth day. If there is a power outage, our unit has a 30-hour backup to keep it operational. Additional pendants can be provided so several family members can access the same network.

A reliable medical alert service is an important component of living independently.

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