September 15th, 2017

September 22nd Is Falls Prevention Awareness Day. One out of three adults age 65 and older fall each year and those odds increase with advancing age. Falls can cause serious injuries to the hip, wrist, or vertebra robbing older adults of their independence which can result in a move to a nursing home or other supervised living situation.

Many falls are preventable.

The following tips can help prevent falls from happening


Exercising regularly increases muscle strength and balance and can prevent or delay disease or disabilities. Your healthcare provider can suggest a program that’s right for you.


A balanced diet can result in higher energy.

Home Safety

Eliminate home safety hazards (rugs, poor lighting, clutter). Adding a few safety home modifications such as grab bars and nonslip mats can help too.


Plan ahead. Taking your time can reduce the risk of feeling rushed.


Wear the right shoes. Be sure to select shoes that have low heeled rubber soles for traction and that they fit properly.


Be sure your healthcare provider is aware of all your medications, both prescribed and over-the-counter. Your doctor can assess the risk and benefits of each drug.

Medical Alert Device

Utilize a medical alert device. Help can be available at the press of a button which can give you peace of mind.

Assistive Devices

Always ensure your assistive devices (canes, walkers, etc) are within reach.

If you do experience a fall, take the following steps to getting up:


Do not get up quickly. If you’re hurt, use your medical alert device to call for help. Find something sturdy, like a piece of furniture. Roll to your side turn your head, shoulders, hips, then legs.


Push your upper body up. Lift your head then pause and steady yourself. Rise slowly onto your hands and knees. Crawl to something sturdy you can hold onto. Slide on food forward so that it is flat on the floor.


Keep the other leg bent with your knee on the floor. Rise slowly and turn your body to sit in the chair. Sit for a few minutes before trying to do anything else.

If you have had a fall, you have a high risk of falling again. Talk to your healthcare provider about fall-risk evaluation and prevention. When you experience a fall every second counts. Delayed medical care can jeopardize your recovery. Having a medical alert device can get you the help you need right away. Help Services is happy to assist you with your medical alert needs, please call us today at 866-672-4852.