April 26th, 2018

Do you need personal response service for yourself, or an elderly friend or loved one? The HELP Personal Response System allows you to maintain your independence without giving up the peace-of-mind that access to a HELP button will provide. An emergency situation can arise in a heartbeat or may happen as health deteriorates over time. We have solutions which are easy, affordable and convenient. Life can present many challenges, including falls and limited mobility. HELP can assist in meeting those challenges.

Setting up your HELP device is easy. We can do the necessary programming tasks, as well as troubleshooting, using the remote programming module. We want our customers to feel secure while protecting their privacy and any scheduling demands.

Reliability of the device and the service is what makes it a useful tool for senior citizens living alone who want to maintain their independence. The HELP unit does a self-test automatically every 24 hours to ensure that is working correctly. The pendants also are tested to the unit every four days. The pendant can be set up to use the HELP device as a hands-free speakerphone with two-way access.

Do you or your loved one need medication reminders? The device can be programmed to tell you about the need to take a pill or perform some other action. You might need to be reminded to get out of your chair every two hours and stretch those muscles and tendons. Our staff members are trained to check on the well-being of our clients regularly, or if the client doesn’t acknowledge reminders. We go so far as to perform concierge type duties such as letting a family member know about the condition of the client. We are like a 24/7 virtual assistant.

When you have a loved one in need of a personal emergency response system, call 866-672-4852 today to get started!