Contact us to order the Help Unit that best meets your needs. Additional accessories are available at a reasonable cost for customers that have misplaced items, or have specific needs.

To place an order, call one of our friendly associates 24/7 at 866-672-4852.

Help Unit- Landline

The Help Unit-Landline works with any standard landline telephone service and comes with the Help Pendant, necklace, phone cord, and power supply.
Lease for $29.95/month
Purchase for $299.00

Help Unit- Cellular

The Help Unit-Cellular is useful when no landline is available because it works using its own cellular telephone service (no cell phone necessary). It comes with the Help Pendant, necklace, phone cord, antenna and power supply.
Lease for $39.95/month
Purchase for $399.00

Landline Unit Power Cord

Connects the Help Unit-Landline to a standard electrical outlet. $25.

Cell Unit Power Cord

A Cell Unit Power Cord connects the Help Unit-Cellular to a standard electrical outlet. $25.

Phone Cord

A Phone cord connects the Help Unit to a standard landline phone jack. $10.

Cell Unit Antenna and Grounding Plane

The Antenna with Grounding Plane allows the Cellular Help Unit to connect to cell service. $40.

Grounding Plane

A grounding plane attaches to the bottom of the Cell Unit Antenna providing a larger base that ensures maximum signal strength. $15.

Help Pendant

The Help Pendant is small, discreet, water resistant, and works up to 390 feet from the base unit. Please specify necklace, wrist strap, or belt clip options. Multiple pendants can be programmed simultaneously to one Help Unit.
Lease Additional Pendants $10/month Purchase additional Pendant $99.00

Help Mobile GPS Unit

This Help Mobile button can be taken virtually anywhere and uses its own cellular telephone service (no cell phone necessary). It comes with the Help Mobile GPS Unit, a necklace, charging cradle, and power supply. The button is water resistant and can be worn in the tub or shower. The battery is rechargeable and typically lasts 36 to 72 hours. Visual LED light alerts you when the batteries are getting low.
Lease for $39.95/month
Purchase for $145.95 with monitoring $12/month

Medication Dispenser

Comes standard with a low frequency alarm, which is much easier to hear, and a flashing red light to alert the patient that it is time to take their medication. It comes with power supply, rechargeable battery, medication tray, blue clocking lid, 2 keys, and loading rings for 3x and 4x per day dosing. The dispenser holds up to 28 doses of medication and can dispense from 1 to 4 times per day. Each dispensing compartment can hold up to 9 M&M size pills. This is a non-monitored dispenser.
Lease for $30/month
Purchase for $149.95

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