April 11th, 2018

The medical alert system has managed to save lives and bring many families peace of mind since its inception. It is a valuable technology that works with the push of a button, sending an emergency signal to a designated clinical service, ambulance or nursing staff at a care facility. If you need medical alert services in your city, Help Personal Response Systems offers the most reliable products for your health and safety, so call 866-672-4852 today to get started!

A medical alert device provides assurance that a loved one, living alone and managing chronic conditions or limitations, is provided the support needed to reach help. Many older adults, living independently, have been unable to reach their phones or call for help should a stroke present or sudden fall cause a terrible injury. The purpose of introducing a modern medical alert is to provide quick access to an emergency response service to save lives.

Personal emergency response systems

When a stroke or heart attack is in progress, it requires time-saving measures to stabilize the patient. An inability for an individual to make the necessary contact leaves them debilitated and in many instances, there is a loss of life. Seniors are increasingly susceptible to accidents and emergencies, particularly when living alone, and can benefit from electronic assistance when it matters most.

Personal emergency response systems are worn around the neck and available in the design of a pendant. It is easy to operate consisting of a single trigger, allowing one to press the button for immediate emergency assistance. This help button can be accessed through the day, ensuring the appropriate assistance is provided efficiently.

Many families and elderly persons are unable to afford to have a full-time carer or move into an assisted living facility. Maintaining an independent lifestyle is also important for many seniors, but living alone poses the risk of being unable to seek the necessary help when an accident or ailment strikes. Having access to a medically functioning device can send the necessary signal to a call center operator who can direct to the relevant service when individuals cannot make it to the phone.

The introduction of innovative clinical technology makes it possible for seniors to maintain a standard of independence for an extended period. In an accident, the button on the emergency pendant is triggered and a call center operator will speak to the patient through the device speaker. Such services can assist with sticking to appointments and providing personal information such as an address or phone number.