August 22nd, 2016

For Your Independence. For Your Peace of Mind.


A friend recently said, “Mom fell at home last week, and could not get up by herself. She was on the floor for several hours before someone found her. Sometimes she needs transportation to doctor appointments or help with grocery shopping. She forgets to take her medication on time and sometimes gets disoriented and weak. Mom needs help, but she doesn’t want to give up her independence. She doesn’t want to be a burden to my sister and I. Thank goodness there are options for mom that can help her continue to live safely and happily in her own home.”

The option of in home care allows caregivers to drive clients to doctor’s appointments, assist with shopping, and many other tasks like medication reminders. Companionship is important to people who cannot get out or need a little extra assistance. Sometimes, seeing a familiar, smiling face can be such a highlight to their day.

In addition to caregivers, there are also services that can call for help when clients can’t help themselves. These services are Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS). A simple push of a button connects them with the help they need in case of falls, dizziness, choking, being locked out of the house, and many other emergencies. Help Services provides the peace of mind that someone is a button press away.

What if mom refuses to wear her button? Many people believe their phone or cell phone will do the same as the PERS. Phones may be out of reach or the person may be injured or confused and cannot dial for help. In an emergency, a simple button press is much more reliable, but Help Services can be used for much more than just emergencies.

Help Services has no contracts or cancellation fees ever! Help units have up to 6 free audible reminders that can be used for medication, weight or blood sugar check, or even a cheerful message from family or friends. These reminders are time-sensitive, so if they are not acknowledged our monitoring center will call the subscriber to check on them. We also offer TLC calls, one of our friendly operators will call to speak with the subscriber about their day.

Because each person has different needs, Help Services does offer fully customizable plans and works together with family, friends, caregivers, and medical professionals. Clients don’t want to give up their independence, and with Help Services they don’t have to. Help Services is happy to partner with Assisting Angels Homecare in allowing clients to maintain the respect and independence they deserve and desire.